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Language Rich Europe Conclusions and Future Perspectives

This closing report was commissioned by the British Council to provide an overview of the European and local recommendations that came out of LRE and in the likelihood that new opportunities can be found for the further development of what has already been achieved


Language Rich Europe Recommendations

The Language Rich Europe (LRE) consortium, co-funded by the European Commission and the British Council, calls on European institutions and member state governments to initiate new policies to support immigrant language teaching, revise trilingual learning, and use the particular position of English to promote and support multi/plurilingualism. This would help to develop a truly multilingual Europe and in turn ensure economic competitiveness while building more inclusive societies. You can download the recommendations here.

Language Rich Europe Publications available to download

The first research stage, captured in this Cambridge University Press publication, offers a platform for the creation of networks and partnerships among language policy makers and practitioners in Europe. More language versions coming soon!


Language Rich Europe profile booklets

Language Rich Europe multimedia

  • MEP Martinez Martinz explains why multilingualism is important and why he supports Language Rich Europe (Spanish, English and French)
  • Interview on North by Southwest radio programme with Nicolas Jackson  dedicated to Language Rich Europe which was broadcast on Radio Exterior (Spanish World Service), Monday 16 July 2012. 
  • Conference video on Language Policies in France, with a presentation by Louis-Jean Calvet.
  • Language Rich Europe Director (until August 2012), Martin Hope speaks to LRE sponsor Rosetta Stone on Language Learning and Teaching


Language Rich Europe framework for language policies and practice 

The LRE framework in the form of questionnaires is intended as a practical tool for self-evaluation, for awareness-raising and for motivating key stakeholders to take action. It is envisaged that the results of the research will trigger follow-up case studies which will yield complementary perspectives and data. It is based primarily on EU and Council of Europe conventions, resolutions and recommendations.

These questionnaires have been established in the context of the Language Rich Europe project, co-funded by the British Council and the European Commission under its Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). Due to this public funding, the resource is available via open acess for any further exploitation. Those who would like to do so are requested to make the following references in any anticipated publications:

LRE facilitates self-evaluation in language policies and practices in the following language domains:

You can view the profiles of the countries and regions which have participated in the data collection on our Country Profiles page.


Language Rich Europe Annual Reports


Language Rich Europe Evaluation Reports