About Us

What is Language Rich Europe (LRE)?

Language Rich Europe is a networking project which brings together 1200 policy makers and practitioners from 24 countries and regions in Europe to discuss and develop better policies and practices for multilingualism. Network members are drawn from the fields of education, business, public services and the media.

Why is LRE important?

We believe that a positive attitude towards multilingualism is important for a prosperous and stable Europe. The ability to communicate in other languages is essential if Europeans are to develop a broader international outlook and enhance their employment prospects. Good language policies and practices can create a positive framework within which successful language learning can take place.

What does LRE do?

LRE provides a commentary on current language policies and practices in participating countries/regions, based on research conducted by our partner network of experts and researchers. It captures good practice and brings stakeholders together face-to-face and on-line to learn from each other. Throughout 2012 our network members will participate in a series of over 80 interactive events across Europe to discuss the key findings and this will result in concrete recommendations to policy makers at national and European level.

Who is it for?

The project is targeted at decision makers and practitioners in education, business, public services and the media. We will also engage the beneficiaries of good language policies and practices - teachers and learners – to incorporate their views.